One effective way children learn at A Child’s Place is through work on projects, studies, and investigations. As children engage in in-depth studies on a particular topic, teachers observe their interests and level of enthusiasm, and listen to their ideas and questions over time. After thoughtful discussions with the children, an investigation begins; materials, books, resource people, and field sites to visit extend and support the study. Projects are often developed with a teacher and a small group of students and may eventually include the whole class directly or stay with the small group. These studies span varying periods of time depending on interest and suitability.

Children are given the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills, think analytically, take charge of their learning and work as a team to build knowledge as well as social skills. They are engaged and supported in their learning and challenged according to their individual development.

Over the years, A Child’s Place students of all ages have collaborated on an extraordinary range of projects, studies, and investigations exploring such topics as whales, sunflowers, pulleys, sewer systems, bridges, playground design, skyscrapers, and much more.