Our approach to curriculum was conceived and developed by the school’s founder, Alba DiBello, and continually guides the learning experiences at A Child’s Place School.

We view children as capable and competent individuals. Our knowledgeable teachers, trained to observe closely how a child functions, take cues from the child and plan a stimulating environment suited to the child’s interest and development to engage them both intellectually and emotionally. Children are given opportunities to choose materials, develop their own projects and plan part of their day. Each child is respected and treated as a partner in the learning adventure–not as a passive recipient.

At A Child’s Place we provide an informal atmosphere and a warm acceptance of the child and their views as they are offered. In this way they may freely continue to question, take risks and form new conclusions without fear of being judged right or wrong. Children are empowered to see themselves as problem solvers capable of sharing ideas and working together with their peers and teachers. We do not foster competition but instead enable cooperation.

Our curriculum serves as a guide for the teachers as they assess the work of the year both for the group and for individual student progress; it evolves so it is never quite the same from year to year. Throughout each school year, and often integrated with projects, studies and investigations, our teachers may incorporate the following academic and affective areas of the curriculum:

Curriculum adapted from the copyrighted work of Alba DiBello.