Children Are Born Curious®

We believe that children have a hundred languages in which to express themselves; from birth they are eager to learn and relate to their world. At A Child’s Place these languages are all facilitated to allow children to explore and construct relationships, knowledge and identity. Curiosity is nurtured in this way to form an early love for learning that fosters and supports future higher-level thinking.

Reggio Emilia Inspired

A Child’s Place School has been inspired by the schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy, where the child is seen as a capable and competent individual with rights of his/her own. Through observations and listening to the children, we support their ideas and interests which become the springboard for more in-depth studies and investigations. We enable them to investigate their ideas in small groups on a variety of topics related to their interests. Teachers and children co-construct knowledge through inquiry-based learning, hands-on experiences, and thought-provoking tasks.