We chose A Child’s Place for our daughter after seeing the beautiful grounds, garden, and rain boots lined up outside! A school that gave students the opportunity to explore nature through every season is a big part of why I chose ACP. The same philosophy happens inside the classroom where students are given the opportunity to choose what interests them and explore it. I loved that my child would come home with a book she made, not as a whole class project but something she wanted to do and the teachers helped to make it happen. I think my child gained a love of learning from this school and I will always be grateful for that. Her creative mind definitely needed to be in a school where her imagination was celebrated and I believe I chose the right place.

Jamie Morgan, Lincroft, 2016

ACP embodies what early childhood education should be. We have watched both of our children’s innate curiosity be nurtured and, as a result, blossom during their time at A Child’s Place School. This school offers kids a safe place to take risks and develop their strengths and weaknesses. Each child is viewed as unique. They are taught to view themselves and their classmates as valuable contributors within the ACP community. Thanks to ACP our kids view themselves as confident, competent learners which is a characteristic that will benefit them far beyond their school years. We can’t say enough about the time and effort the teachers and staff put into each child. Their dedication and love of their craft is what makes this school so special and unique. There is no better place to start a child’s educational journey.

Liza & Kaushal Mehta, Middletown, 2016

As a member of the ACP community for the last four years, I now truly understand what educating the whole child means. The carefully planned and developmentally age appropriate activities and experiences by knowledgeable and caring educators have enabled my son to thrive both academically and socially emotionally. I feel that he has developed a foundation of essential skills that will serve him well in school and in life. I also love that the emergent curriculum allows the children’s interest to serve as the springboard for learning. The end result is that learning is a very joyful experience at ACP!

Tracey Garrett, Lincroft, 2016

It’s hard to summarize all that makes A Child’s Place School such a wonderful experience for us as parents and for our children during this very precious time in their lives. There is so much that goes into making ACP so special and we feel so lucky to have given our two children the gift of an ACP start. We chose the school first because my two nephews went to ACP. Between the experiences my sister’s family had and our visits for 1:1 days in their classroom, we felt the warmth of the teachers and staff and saw firsthand how their curiosities were developed and their love of learning was founded at ACP. We also attended Alumni and Family Day with my oldest son when he was 2 yrs old and saw him get right to work as if the school were his and we knew it was a place where his individual style and personality would be understood and appreciated. It’s been 5 years since we started at ACP and each year we come to appreciate the school more and more. We have become better parents by attending the monthly roundtables and learning from the knowledgeable staff and other parents’ experiences. As our children have grown older, we have also seen what happens after ACP at the elementary school level, both the pressures the children face and structure of the core curriculum. Knowing we have given our children the right foundation at ACP makes us both feel very confident that they have gained skills and experiences that they will carry with them for life — social and emotional intelligence, a strong sense of community, resilience, self confidence, the ability to speak up and be heard, the ability to work with other children, the skills for how to resolve conflict, the ability to think creatively, to follow their interests and investigate to solve problems and find answers. These are skills that the modern-day academic-only-focused preschools are not providing to children and it shows by the time they arrive at elementary school. I smile when I think of their experiences at ACP – a special time in their lives and a special place where they can truly be the children that they are and learn through play, curiosity and investigation. They have learned how to learn and will carry their ACP experiences with them for the rest of their lives.

Christine Quigley, Holmdel, 2016

After my siblings and I attended A Child’s Place, I never considered another school for my children. To this day, I have such wonderful memories of exploring, creating and being encouraged to explore our natural interests. My nursery class child and primary class child both love ACP and because of their time there, have grown into kids who ask questions, look for the possibility in everything and never stop learning. They think and look at the world in a different way—pretty special characteristics for kids their age! Thank you A Child’s Place!

Suzanne McDevitt, Holmdel, 2016

ACP is more than just a school for young children; it is a community for the entire family! Having had experience with two other preschools prior to finding ACP, I now know what we were missing. The dedication of the staff to truly get to know my children and use this knowledge to develop the curriculum is unmatched. Not only does having my children attend ACP offer them the opportunity to learn and explore in ways they never would elsewhere, the school is providing me an education as well! Between the informational roundtables and the book club, I have grown as a parent. I also love being able to be involved in the school itself, getting to know my children’s classmates as well as fellow parents.

Catherine Haack, Holmdel, 2016

I chose ACP because I went there as a child and I knew they must be doing something right if they were still around. My three boys have been blessed with having gone here. The foundation that ACP builds and the love of learning they foster will last a lifetime. My children feel like their feelings and ideas are heard and that they are capable and competent contributors. Sending my children here was truly the best gift I could have ever given them.

Tina Woodward, Holmdel, 2016

Any school can teach a child to learn their ABCs, A Child’s Place School teaches children to create and test their own theories, to think for themselves, and to work in teams. The teachers truly believe that the children are smart and creative, and they speak to the children with loving tones that build confidence and inspire the children to want to learn. The materials and outside space are incredibly organized and beautifully maintained and they too motivate the children; they are so engrossed in their fun projects that they often don’t notice they are learning. What an amazing feat!

Melanie Besculides, Rumson, 2016

A Child’s Place School is the greatest gift we could have given our children. Walking through the doors of the school feels like getting a giant hug. Our children are cared for, respected, listened to, encouraged, and challenged. They experience joy in every aspect of their education. They feel connected to the community and supported in a way that allows them to take risks, to thrive, and to learn in meaningful and memorable ways. The incredibly warm and talented staff creates an ideal environment for academic, social, and emotional growth. Children learn through play and in doing so are able to engage with their surroundings, materials, and peers in honest and important ways. They grow to be confident learners. I am grateful every day for the amazing experience that is A Child’s Place School. I wish every child could have the opportunity to attend this very special place.

Annie Silvestro, Rumson, 2016

The first time we visited A Child’s Place my son immediately wanted to explore the backyard. When we saw the large natural play space where children were encouraged to follow their curiosity I knew this was where I wanted to send my children for their first pre-school experiences. We are very happy with the teachers and staff at A Child’s Place and love that our son is learning along with his classmates and teachers. We are thrilled that our son enjoys school and highly recommend this learning community to other families.

Amy DeFelice, Holmdel, 2016

As an educator of young children, I wish everyone could send their children to A Child’s Place School. I see first hand how these “academic” preschools are hindering the social and emotional development of today’s children. A Child’s Place School surpasses any preschool in our area in so many ways. The Emilio Reggio philosophy is one of the most important advantages of a child’s place school. As a parent, I have learned so much about parenting and the development of nursery and pre-school ages children. The round tables, one-on-one days, game days and all of. the many community events have been so valuable to our family. I view the staff as “the experts” and they have all been so instrumental in guiding our family through this important time in our lives.

Michelle Weisbrot, Colts Neck, 2016

It was an easy choice to choose A Child’s Place, I went there, and couldn’t imagine sending my daughters anywhere else. Every time I would pass the red school, even before being a mommy, I would adoringly look at the school as I passed by. My only way of judging the school’s success is through my daughter. She is thriving, learning, having fun, problem solving, and building friendships. I love engaging in conversation with her and listening to her thought processes. She’s inquisitive, she questions and makes hypotheses, which I happily attribute to ACP. One thing that is so impressive is the sense of family that comes from the school. The teachers truly get to know the children, and genuinely care and love them. It is a wonderful feeling for a mom to know that your child is so well cared for. One of the truest testaments… When Addison is not in school, she asks to be there! And to replace her not being at school, she is either making pictures or cards to pass out when she’s back in school, or she is playing school at home.

Nicole DelTin, Red Bank, 2016

The warmth that you feel when you walk through the door at A Child’s Place is abundant. As parents, we were most concerned about our son’s well-being when he first transitioned away from our home and into his first learning environment. What we found was a nurturing, supportive and child-centered environment that afforded him the opportunity to explore, play and build confidence.

Sally and Brian, Lincroft, 2016

When I think about ACP I think about a safe and happy place for my children where they can grow in confidence. This photo is a snapshot of the day I came home from my first chemo treatment and my son (who did not know what I was going through) handed me this beautiful photography book which he created at a photography workshop alongside this photo he colored. Not pictured are the bright yellow sunflowers given to me by ACP moms sitting alongside his yellow/blue/purple artwork, complementing his art to a perfection. I remember sitting there and staring at these items and just feeling a sense of gratitude…that this is what it was all about. Watching and listening as my son showed me each page, what it meant to him and how he went about taking the photos. This dialogue, the small treasures, the laughter, the moments of creativity, the sense of community I, as a parent, felt because of this school. I remember feeling assured that everything would work itself out, because the platform of ACP was truly what my children needed in a time some would view as a crisis. As parents, we just want our children to feel good about themselves, be curious beings, and feel valued. A Child’s Place provides that to our children. Academically speaking, ACP is in a league of it’s own. What initially drew us to ACP was it’s academic reputation that went well beyond learning your ABC’s. But what we fell in love with over time was watching our boys begin to problem solve on their own, become independent and respectful human beings, and seeing their overall joy for learning and communicating. It’s not only because of the curriculum and philosophy of the school but it lies in the teachers themselves. I am astounded each year when I get to know one of the teachers I hadn’t really gotten to know before. Mostly because I can’t believe they are all that dedicated and bright…but they all are! Meeting with Susan in nursery this year to discuss my child’s progress was just a delightful meeting and I left feeling thankful that I had the opportunity to get to know her. I had already had such wonderful experiences with Bev & Arlene I just felt so lucky to have had that opportunity to get to know yet another teacher who truly takes such pride in their job and is an expert in the field. Hands down, the teachers are one of the biggest advantages about this school. We are so thankful as a family that these people exist and care because at the end of the day, as parents, we just want the best for our children during their critical developmental years. ACP exceeds every expectation and we are forever grateful!

Christine Thearle, Lincroft, 2016

ACP was love at first sight! After researching many preschools in the area, my husband and I knew instantly after visiting ACP that it was the right philosophy, environment, and fit for our daughter. We wanted a nurturing, place where she could ease into the transition of school and be presented with opportunities to socialize and learn without limits. ACP has exceeded all expectations. The teachers, staff, children and their families have become invaluable resources as well as an extended family to ours. We have no regrets only love and affection for our daughters little red preschool and hope that all of her school experience to follow will be half as good as her time at ACP.

Heidi Pieterse, Fair Haven, 2016

ACP is not your typical “good enough” preschool-it is so much more than that! My friends with children at other schools in the area are always amazed when I describe the unique experiences my children have at ACP. From the age of three, the students are given hands-on opportunities to explore the fine and performing arts, woodworking, math, reading, science and more, all through play. The children are never dismissed as being too young to understand something, or too little to have their opinions matter. They are respected as individuals and made to believe that their voices matter. My son is now in the oldest grade at the school, and his classroom is full of confident, imaginative children. ACP fosters a level of creativity and imagination that is unparalleled. The amazing education comes together with the warmth and support of the tight knit ACP community to create a family experience that simply can’t be found in any other school in Monmouth County.

Emily Kuskin, Fair Haven, 2016

We came to ACP as first time parents with a narrow understanding of early childhood development. What we found was a community of like-minded parents and educators that celebrate the uniqueness of every child. As parents we continue to learn a great amount from the schools programs which has given us the tools to guide our children at this early and impressionable age. Our third child will be attending the nursery program next year and we are so excited to watch her blossom and grow at ACP as our other children have.

Jeff and Jess Mann, Fair Haven, 2016

Choosing A Child’s Place for my daughter was one of the best decisions we made as parents. A Child’s Place is a safe, beautiful, clean and inspiring environment with large outdoor space which they actually use all year around! Teachers are very dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate about an early childhood education and our children. Communication with parents is outstanding. My daughter is thriving and she is excited to go to school! She is confident, open minded, creative, curious and happy! We feel very fortunate to be a part of A Child’s Place School!

Martina Garland, Lincroft, 2016

A Child’s Place School has been a life-altering place for my entire family. Its teachings have been far reaching into our home and daily lives. It reinforced all the values we wanted to instill in our children, but it also gave us, as parents, the tools and ways to implement a healthy, loving, and curious lifestyle.

Deb Todaro, Fair Haven, 2016

ACP has given my children the tools to solve problems and handle emotional conflicts, the confidence to enter into play with new children and situations, a safe place to explore their creativity and express their imagination, and the ability to take ownership over their own education. Because of ACP …my children are ready to take on first grade (and the world!).” “My husband and I had such a difficult time having our twins that when they finally arrived, I became a very overprotective mother! Once they turned three, I reluctantly started researching preschools. I interviewed seven in our area and not one of them made me feel good about leaving my twins! However, within five minutes of being at A Child’s Place, I had made one of the best decisions I have ever made for my family. I think I was the first person to hand in the check and registration form. For three years, I have trusted, implicitly, my children’s well-being and education to every teacher and staff member at ACP. I have high standards for my children’s care, and ACP has far exceeded those standards every time. ACP has given my children the tools to solve problems and handle emotional conflicts, the confidence to enter into play with new children and situations, a safe place to explore their creativity and express their imagination, and the ability to take ownership over their own education. ACP has shown my twins how to learn and taught my husband and me how to slow down and find the joy in their learning. The past three years at ACP have been an incredible journey, a blessing, a gift for the whole family. It has made me a better parent, and a better person. ACP is not only a school but also a community; my children and I have formed meaningful friendships that I hope last a lifetime. Because of ACP and the incomparable care, knowledge and attention of every teacher at ACP, my children have emerged as empowered individuals, brave, sensitive, strong, creative, loving, problem-solvers, ready to take on first grade (and the world!). No words could express our gratitude to ACP and the enormous positive impact it has made on our family. At this point in our lives, you know how rare it is to find teachers and an entire school that you trust with your most beloveds, and when you find such a treasure, you never want to let it go! Thank you, thank you, thank you – you will forever own a piece of our hearts.

Monica Cantor, Morganville, 2014

Sending our son to A Child’s Place School was the greatest gift we ever gave him! The ACP staff provided a warm, nurturing and safe environment where the children were encouraged to follow their interests and respect each other’s ideas. The atmosphere is imaginative, stimulating and instructive all at the same time. My son was eager to go to school every day! To this day, my son is inquisitive, highly creative and an independent thinker. I believe the time he spent at ACP provided him with this foundation which he will build upon for his entire education.

Shari Gagliardio, Lincroft, 2014

The warm child-centered environment at ACP is well equipped for learning and incorporates a beautiful outdoor space that is also available to the children. The amazing teachers at A Child’s Place are those who have come and stayed for an entire career. I attended A Child’s Place School and still have great memories from the years that I spent there as a child. When it came time to choose a preschool for my children, I immediately thought of A Child’s Place. However, my wife and I did extensive research into area preschools. Walking into A Child’s Place, seeing the children happily engaged in learning, surrounded by a remarkable group of educators, the choice became quite clear to us. We are incredibly happy with the choice we made to send our children to A Child’s Place School. The confidence and love of learning that they have both gained through this experience will stay with them throughout their lives. They have become competent, capable learners who are curious about the world and not afraid to ask questions. The warm child-centered environment of the school is well equipped for learning and incorporates a beautiful outdoor space that is also available to the children. The amazing teachers at A Child’s Place are those who have come and stayed for an entire career. In fact, my son and daughter shared the same wonderful teacher that I had some thirty years ago. In many ways, A Child’s Place has become like our extended family, and we have met many close friends there.

Brett Frieman, Holmdel, 2014

I am a better parent because of the insight and information that was shared [at ACP] through newsletters, teacher conferences and Roundtable discussions on education and parenting. ACP was one of the best decisions I could have made for my children’s early childhood education. They learned to explore the world around them with joy and curiosity. The skilled and loving teachers guided their discoveries and never failed to make learning an adventure. ACP was a learning environment not only for my children, but for me as well. I am a better parent because of the insight and information that was shared through newsletters, teacher conferences and Roundtable discussions on education and parenting. We look back fondly at our years at ACP and will always treasure our time there.

Beth Nugent, Middletown, 2014

Sending our children to A Child’s Place was one of the best decisions we have made as parents. The children play outside every day, they visit the Monmouth County library, go on trips, have weekly music lessons, and the primary class (5-7 years olds) goes swimming, ice-skating, hiking and to yoga/movement classes. Sending our children to A Child’s Place was one of the best decisions we have made as parents. First of all, they provide the basics: a safe, caring, beautiful place for the children, and dedicated and competent professionals. However, of course, that’s not what makes this school so special. What I personally was most impressed with is that A Child’s Place provides a highly intellectually stimulating environment. The children, as young as 3 years old get engaged in scientific investigations on all sorts of subjects, from weather, to agriculture, to physics, to engineering, to arts. The children are able to formulate theories and then challenge those theories by putting them to test, by experimenting, by discussing them with their peers, by researching, by conducting surveys, etc. They are not given “the right” answer, they reach it (if there is one) by a well thought out process that engages their thinking and creativity. What we learned is that when children’s intellect are respected, when children are empowered to think on their own, when children are not patronized or treated like empty vessels you need to fill with data, it’s amazing how much confidence they can develop and how much they can learn! Unlike other schools that may have them recite the alphabet, the numerals, colors, etc, in A Child’s Place they learn this “data” in a meaningful way, they learn them in the process of more complicated tasks that resemble real life problems and require more active and thorough thinking. Besides the math, language and science, they also put a big emphasis in the arts: drawing, painting, writing stories, putting a play together, a musical, a song, etc. Again, when little children are exposed to these things, they not only learn to appreciate the beauty of the arts but they develop a familiarity with them that gives them a confidence that they are very capable of achieving beautiful things and that nourishes their creativity. Another thing that makes A Child’s Place special is that the parents are very much involved in the school, including evening meetings to discuss and brainstorm different subjects we sometimes worry about as parents. I really value all the things I learned in those meetings. The children play outside every day (unless it is below freezing), they visit the Monmouth County library, go on trips, have weekly music lesson in the style of “Music Together”, and, in the primary class (5-7 years old) they go swimming, ice-skating, hiking and to yoga/movement classes. When our younger child went into primary at A Child’s Place, we heard our oldest (8 at the time) tell him: “Oh, you are sooo lucky! You are going to learn so much, but you learn while you are having so much fun. They have tricks to teach you a lot of things without you noticing that they are teaching you.” Both our children now go to public school and it is interesting and rewarding to hear them talk about how much they learned in A Child’s Place.

Minerva Agron, Lincroft, 2013

ACP has a full day kindergarten and 1st grade program where both my children thrived. As a Holmdel resident, we do not have a full day kindergarten program available to us through the public school system. Fortunately, ACP has a full day kindergarten and 1st grade program where both my children thrived — my children and I will forever treasure their ACP Primary experience. The close knit environment and substantive curriculum at ACP intensified my children’s learning during their time at the little red school house. I highly recommend A Child’s Place School to any parent in search of a full day education.

Heather deTroeyer-Abbondante, Holmdel, 2011

We are…delighted by the child-focused education that our children have experienced at A Child’s Place. I don’t believe it was a coincidence that our family found A Childs Place School. When house-hunting in Monmouth County, we often passed the charming little red schoolhouse on West Front Street. In the summer of 2002, our bid was accepted on a house in Lincroft. I feared it would be too late to enroll our almost three year old daughter in any preschool program starting that fall. To our delight, we learned there were limited openings at the little red schoolhouse, A Child’s Place. Eight years and two more daughters later, we are still delighted by the child-focused education that our children have experienced at ACP. While it is well worth the drive to allow your children to attend this unparalleled school, we are fortunate that A Child’s Place is in our own backyard.

Trish Thomson, Lincroft, 2010

A Child’s Place is one of the greatest gifts I have given my children! It is a place that builds and ensures a strong foundation, one for successful future growth. A child learns that being themselves is the greatest gift of all. The teachers assist and nurture the children to help foster their love of learning – which can last a lifetime. The children are viewed as competent and valued individuals. They also come to understand that they are an intricate part of a greater whole (the community around them), which is also an invaluable lesson to learn early on. I truly can’t imagine a better place for any child to learn, grow, and prosper. I may be a bit bias since I went there when ACP first opened their doors thirty plus years ago. Most people can’t remember preschool days. I have a few select very happy memories because I went to ACP. I feel confident that my children will have the same.

Tina Woodward, Holmdel NJ – November 2013

ACP helps you learn in a fun way so that you don’t even realize that you’re learning! At ACP, I felt safe and loved, just like I feel when I’m with my mom. ACP is a creative and inspiring school. Children are free to do anything they want to do! They are not forced to do things they don’t want to do. ACP helps you learn in a fun way so that you don’t even realize that you’re learning! When I was at ACP, I felt safe and loved, just like I feel when I’m with my mom.

Audrey Rose Litto (age 10), ACP class of 2009