Extended care is not available for the 2020/21 school year.  

To help families with childcare needs outside of the regular school schedule, we have expanded our extended care hours. Childcare is now available before school from 7am and after school to 6pm.

Cost & Conditions of Use
  • The base rate is $10/hour. 
  • Parents have the option to use the service in 30 minute increments with a minimum charge of $10 a day.
  • Half hour time slots begin on the hour and the half hour.
  • Parents will be charged a full half hour for children who spend at least 15 minutes in one half hour time slot.
  • Parents supply breakfast/snack/lunch.
  • Extended care will be cancelled in the event of emergency closings.

Extended care may be paid for as needed. Packages of hours are available for families requiring the service on a regular basis. The packages offer progressively discounted pricing based on the greater number of hours purchased. Packages must be paid for in advance and the hours are deducted as used. 

Hours Purchased in Advance Regular Cost Discount Final Cost
50 $500 10% $450
100 $1,000 15% $850
500 $5,000 20% $4,000

At least one full time ACP teacher and one administrator will be in attendance for each extended care session. 

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