Summer 2021 Theme Weeks* 

Week 1 (June 21-25): Amazing Architects Limited space available!

From the pyramids of ancient Egypt, to skyscrapers that give definition to the cities of our world, campers will be challenged to explore architectural design and planning using a wide variety of materials (blocks, Legos, boxes, cardboard pieces, styrofoam, paper plates/cups, plastic straws, graph paper to create blueprints, paint/clay/collage, etc.).

  • Monday: Pyramids
  • Tuesday: Landmark buildings (Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower)
  • Wednesday: Transportation systems (trains, subways, taxi cabs, ferries)
  • Thursday: Famous bridges
  • Friday: Final preparations and unveiling of campers’ creations

Week 2 (June 28-July 2): Future Chefs, Five Course Meal In A Week Limited space available!

Campers will don aprons to create a five course meal. We will utilize the garden in our own backyard to enhance each course, enabling our young, aspiring chefs to follow the cycle of food from harvest to table. While the campers will focus on creating and enjoying one course per day, they will gain an understanding about the processes involved in creating a full, healthy meal. On Friday, the campers will receive the recipes for each course so that they may help cook a special dinner for family and friends. Bon appetit!

  • Monday: Summer soup
  • Tuesday: Appetizer
  • Wednesday: Salad
  • Thursday: Main course
  • Friday: Dessert

Week 3 (July 5-9): Make it Float. Make it Move. Regatta Races! Wait List Only

Campers will delve into such scientific concepts as force, density, pressure, mass, and weight as they explore various loose parts and designs in creating a boat that will float. The boats will be put to the test at the end of the week as campers participate in a regatta boat race. Which boats will float the longest, remaining upright along their journeys? Which boat(s) will be able to hold the most weight? Which boat(s) will weather high winds in their journey along the length of the pool?

  • Monday: Exploration of parts & materials and drawing up plans
  • Tuesday: Design, assembly & testing
  • Wednesday: Design, assembly & testing continued
  • Thursday: Repairs and adjustments as well as naming of vessels
  • Friday: The Great Regatta Boat Race

Week 4 (July 12-16): ACP Ninja Warrior Wait List Only

Campers will put their mental and physical abilities to the test this week! They will work together to design and build a fun and challenging obstacle course for all ages and all levels of athleticism. Having fun, challenging themselves and gaining new skills on and off the obstacle course are the goals this week. Teamwork and collaboration will make this a memorable experience for every camper. Do you have what it takes to be an ACP Ninja Warrior?

  • Monday: TBA
  • Tuesday: TBA
  • Wednesday: TBA
  • Thursday: TBA
  • Friday: Campers take to the course and see how far they can push themselves while their friends cheer them on!

Week 5 (July 19-23): Grand Arcade Wait List Only

Campers will inadvertently delve into concepts of math and science as they use a variety of loose parts to create boardwalk games. They will invent and design their own games, the only rule being that success must be challenging but possible. Our young engineers will also be invited to design and construct a miniature golf course that contains at least nine holes or challenges.

  • Monday: Design a boardwalk game or a challenge for the miniature golf course; graphically design ideas and begin choosing materials
  • Tuesday: Use graphic designs to begin assembling the games
  • Wednesday: Continue working on games and mini golf course; test and make adjustments as needed
  • Thursday: Put final touches on games and mini golf course; make adjustments
  • Friday: Create the boardwalk to include all games. The challenge will be in ensuring that each game has the space it needs. Plan line traffic directions and space. Invite families to play.

Week 6 (July 26-30): Project Runway Wait List Only

Campers will pave their own way in the world of fashion as they design clothing and accessories from a wide variety of recycled materials. Not only will our fashion designers gain an appreciation for upcycling, they will also sharpen their mathematical thinking skills as they utilize both standard and nonstandard tools of measurement to ensure the perfect fit.

  • Monday: Jewelry or visiting expert
  • Tuesday: Accessories – belts, hats, ties, scarves, sunglasses, accessories, headbands, barrettes, watches, jewelry
  • Wednesday: Bags/wallets/backpacks
  • Thursday: Shirts/jackets/shoes/boots
  • Friday: Fashion Show

*Please note that themes and schedule are subject to change.